Welcome to the Missions Page! Here you will find some more information about our mission partners and how to get involved with the Mission's Team at Washington Church!

Our purpose is to mobilize the congregation to make and support disciples of Jesus who proclaim the gospel and build the church among all people, with a focus on unreached people groups.

A total of $4,369.50 is currently given to our mission partners monthly. It is Washington Church's goal to strive for 10% of tithes and offerings to go to missions. Our current partners are:

- A family with Wycliffe Bible translators in Africa

-Providence Children’s Home in Kenya
-A family serving with CRU in West Asia

-Aaron and Sarah McKisic (Liam, Ella, Remi) serving with Iris Global in Tokyo, Japan

-Water for Ishmael (www.waterforishmael.org)

-The Crescent Project (www.crescentproject.org)
-Wes and Marjie Blood serving with Wellspring of Northwest Ohio
-Social Services for the Arab Community (www.toledolovesyou.org)

-Brad Dukes (Debbie, Grace, Karis, Anya) serving with CRU at UT

-Jason Voigt (Jenny, Elliot) serving with CRU at UT

-Matthew Plant (Alexi, Noah) serving with CRU in Northern Michigan

-Ben and Mandi Wood (Elliana, Jonathan, Noah) serving at CRU headquarters in Orlando, FL

Below you will find a more in-depth view of some of our missions partners, what they are doing, and how you can be supporting and praying for them! If you are interesting in joining the Missions Team or getting connected with any current service opportunities please

contact Richelle Gray through text or phone 734-512-7563 or email at grayrichelle@gmail.com or email the church office at office@washingtonchurch.org.

Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 in the library!

Providence Children's home

Kenya, Africa

The mission of Providence Children’s Home is to transform the lives of orphaned and vulnerable Kenyan children by creating a nurturing home, excellent education, and health care in a Christ-centered manner. They are located in Kenya, Africa and are a home to 54 girls who live there full time and also run both a primary and secondary school for 600 students from all over Kenya. As a church, we can pray that these girls will know the love of Christ and grow into strong women who will continue to give back to others in their country.

Resit and Gulmira Basaran

This couple has been serving in a country in West Asia for 32 years. They are our only mission partners who are native to the country in which they serve. They have 3 children, Daniel, Dilara, and Derin. Daniel is a young adult working in the restaurant industry, and Dilara and Derin are teens and in school. Dilara plays the violin beautifully. Gulmira’s mother, Tamara, lives with them too.

Their countrymen identify as 99% Muslim with multiple unreached people groups. This country also has thousands of refugees who have fled war and persecution from neighboring nations.

Resit is the country’s Director of Family Life, a division of the organization CRU. Their purpose is to build strong families, marriages, and youth by sharing and teaching foundational Christian principles on how to build a godly home. They hope to grow the church and glorify God.

Rejit is also the assistant pastor of a local church and Gulmira is their worship leader and director of music. She plays the piano.

They conduct classes, seminars, and Bible studies, both in-person and online. They do this locally and also travel to other cities in the country to widen and spread their impact. They also train and disciple other couples to lead Bible studies and classes. And they reach out to the refugees to provide some food and comfort, prayer, and God’s Word.

They feel that there is an unprecedented openness to the gospel at this time and recently had a service with 9 new believers and baptisms! Praise God!

Prayer requests:

- For the families they work with to receive Christ
- To equip and build their church for works of service and to spread the gospel
- For financial provision for the ministry and for local families who have suffered financial hardship due to Covid and loss of work.
- For protection and safety from illness for their family and the community.
- For the refugees in the country who are suffering greatly, especially the children.


For nearly 13 years, Wes Blood served as pastor in the Toledo area.  During that time, God opened Wes’ and his wife Marjie’s eyes to the international student population in their region.

In 2005, Wes and Marjie started a ministry called “Wellspring,” under the Northwest Ohio Baptist Association, reaching international students who come to study in the Toledo area.  God has opened doors for several major initiatives designed to reach international students, called “Global Opportunities” (GO-UT.info).  We bridge the gap between the Christian community and international students.  Toledo-area residents can serve by helping newly arriving students furnish their apartments (Household Items Giveaway),  by "adopting" international students in cross-cultural friendship (Toledo International Hospitality Program), or by helping students practice English (Conversation Partners and English Corner).  In the context of these opportunities, relationships are formed, and many believers are sharing the hope and love of Jesus.

In addition, the Bloods invite students who are spiritually curious to Bible studies online, in their home, at their church, or at other Toledo churches.

Wes is a graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  He and Marjie have three boys, Andrew (1992), Sam (1994) and Peter (2002).

Ways to pray for Wellspring:

  1. Pray for health and strength.  The furniture project is quite physically demanding and we are thankful for many volunteers.
  2. Pray for God to provide all the American volunteers needed for the various programs above.  We don’t want any international students to go unmatched.
  3. Pray for spiritual discernment as we interact daily with people from all over the world.

Water for Ishmael

Our mission is to partner with the local church to build a welcoming community for

Toledo area internationals, to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ, and to empower

internationals with skills to become successful.

Water for Ishmael is community of welcomers. We are all passionate about welcoming

internationals into our city, whether they be immigrants, refugees, or international

students. We love empowering the church to meet the two greatest needs of

internationals: English language learning and relationships.

Ways to pray: Pray that God would use his church to be a blessing to the nations. Pray

and ask what kind of role you have in welcoming internationals- is it becoming a

Conversation Partner? Is it volunteering as a teaching assistant in an ESL class? Is it

providing transportation to English classes for your neighbor?

The Mckisic's with iris

global in tokyo, Japan

We are the McKisic's! Aaron, Sarah, Liam, Ella, and baby #3 in February! We are full-time missionaries in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is the nation’s capital and the most populated city in the world with 38 million people living within 240 sq miles. This is the equivalent of the entire population of California living in Jacksonville, Florida! Since 2011 we have talked about moving to Japan to share the gospel and expand God’s Kingdom and during severe border lockdowns in 2020, God made a way for us to move to Japan during a brief window when the borders opened. Although the nation appears to be doing well (when considering the technology, entertainment, and trade that comes out of it), spiritually, they are one of the least reached people-groups for Jesus and are very similar to other nations also in the 10/40 window. Though it is difficult to get an exact statistic on the number of Christians, the latest report suggests it is “less than 1%”. This, however, includes faiths that Japan considers similar (i.e. Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist, etc.). This nation needs Jesus desperately! Our plan in sharing Him is simple: Love God, Love our neighbors, and make disciples! Our family’s core values are to live a lifestyle of generosity and hospitality while radically following God at any costs. This brings us to spending days hosting unbelievers (our literal neighbors) for meals, street evangelism, weekly house church services, teaching the word, and hosting missionaries when possible. Our hopes are to see Japanese come to know Jesus, send out missionaries and nationals to other parts of Japan and the world to be witnesses, and to draw attention to this amazing nation that needs our prayer and time. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and support, we couldn’t be here without you on our team. We’d love continued prayer for fruitfulness in the things and people we are pouring into during this time, a building to rent for a church/base, blessings over a cafe we are getting setup in our home by spring/early summer for the community and times of teaching with unbelievers, and grace over our kids as they adjust to Japanese school and having a new sibling! 


Brad dukes serving

with cru at utoledo

The whole world needs Jesus, this we know. College students are my specific niche of that whole big pie. The campus, increasingly in today's hostile and polarized culture....is a battleground for the minds & hearts of college students. They are tomorrow's leaders & they have the capacity to shape & influence so much of the future. We know the decisions they make during these 4+ years largely set the trajectory of their lives! And regardless of their background/home life---we know that those years after high school when many move away from home---is when they'll really wrestle with the larger questions of life, including faith, spirituality, God...Who is He? What's He like? Does God exist?? For all these reasons and more...God has graciously led me to serve with Cru at UT and also has movements at Defiance College and Northwest State Community College, and Sienna Heights in Adrian MI. Everything we do day-to-day on campus is about engaging with students, BUILDING into students who already know Jesus, creating a community/presence on campus for students to grow personally in their faith and ministry/leadership skills. We train students in how to have spiritual and gospel conversations, tangibly being God's love to other students & dialoguing with them in sharing Christ in this crazy post-Christian culture we live in to be able to WIN students to Christ. All these things, from large group meetings on campus with teaching,

worship, fellowship, small group Bible studies, leadership training, and 1-on-1 discipleship relationships...move towards SENDING students equipped with a vision to walk with Jesus for a lifetime & to be incredible contributors not only to their local churches they're apart of but also to live missionally & be able to win, build, and send others in their spheres of influence, including their families, so that the whole world may know Jesus.


We are largely rebuilding the Cru movement at UT from the ground-up after a super challenging year of 2021. Pray that we'd be intentional to lay a solid foundation and that God would rebuild a healthy community that pursues freshmen relentlessly, that we'd be bold in taking steps of faith in evangelism & discipleship, trusting God to get the gospel to every student & professors also on campus. Pray for the Staff Team & Student Leaders to experience healing & restoration after last year while also taking steps forward to rebuild. Pray for openness of students to gospel & also safely trying to get face-to-face interactions with students---we know they're lonely, hurting, dealing with tons of anxiety, depression, addictions of all sorts in the midst of all that Covid and the craziness our country is in. Pray for students to come to know Jesus authentically, grow and be led by the Spirit to reach out to others, and boldly take the gospel to the world! Also we have a partnership with colleges in East Asia but are unable to send students over there at this time of course. Pray God would continue to expand our vision to take the gospel to the WHOLE WORLD...not simply to students in NW Ohio.

Ways to help?

If you have any interest in volunteering...ranging from anything like making food for students (the way to their heart--let's just be honest), to mentoring students, or helping us stay connected with Cru Alumni, just get ahold of Brad Dukes. On Facebook, Instagram, brad.dukes@cru.org or 614-361-7984.


Jason voigt serving with

cru at utoledo

I serve with CRU at The University of Toledo. As a team, our scope also includes Northwest State Community College, Defiance College, and Siena Heights University. Cru exists on campus to be a spiritual resource for students and faculty to help explore their worldview and discover what they believe. College is such a formative time in one's life and we get the opportunity to change the trajectory of the rest of their lives and impact their eternities as well. Evangelism and Discipleship are the key components of our ministry. We initiate conversations with students about their values, beliefs, questions and then present the full message of the Gospel with an opportunity to respond as they are led. Through discipleship, we help students grasp what it means to know and walk deeper with Jesus in their daily lives and to live out the mission of God to reach their peers with the Gospel. God used Cru to completely transform my life during my time at UT and instill in me a passion and desire to invest in the lives of college men and women. My wife Jenny also came to know the Lord and began a personal relationship during her college years at The University of Toledo.


1. To raise up 20 new student leaders from our currently involved students who will be the core leaders of the movement for the future. Spiritual multiplication, peers reaching peers.

2. New contacts during campus outreaches. That the Lord would provide students open to completing surveys about their beliefs. The hope is to follow-up and begin a dialogue about their beliefs, get to know them, and share the full Gospel with an opportunity to respond. 

3. Send 10 students on summer mission trips to grow and share their faith outside of Toledo. There. these students will experience rich growth that could impact their families, friends and the next generation at Toledo. 

4. Continued prayers for Jenny and I as we live out the gospel during our everyday ordinary lives. To guide Elliot during these foundational years. We continue to be blessed by your prayers and encouragement while laboring for Christ on Toledo’s campus. 

Contact: Jason Voigt jason.voigt@cru.org


Matt plant serving

with cru at bgsu

Matt & Alexi Plant work with CRU at Bowling Green State University. They were previously in the U.P of Michigan.  They are working with the college students to help spread the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. You may remember Matt from his time here at Washington. Matt was married to his Wife Alexi in 2020, and now have a son Noah! Alexi has now joined with Matt in this special journey. Please pray for Matt, Alexi and Noah, as they continue to adjust to being at a new campus, a new church, and for the Holy Spirit to move through the Plants to reach the students as they are struggling to navigate a new chapter in life.