Youth Ministry

Here at Washington, we recognize the importance of fostering a deep, intimate relationship with God in our Junior High and High School Students as they navigate some of the most crucial years of their lives.

Our Mission: To connect with and equip students to be more like Jesus and live a life of worship, sharing their faith and serving others.

Our Core Values:

Worship: The outward expression of thanks and love to God in our everyday lives

Reach: Reaching students in the experience of their lives and helping to bring the Gospel to light in their lives (Evangelism)

Connect: Connecting together in the shared experience of our faith as a group (Fellowship)

Grow: Fostering an environment of growth through direct relationship between leaders/older students and younger students (Discipleship)

Serve: Embracing opportunities to serve others in and outside of the Church (Ministry)

Our Leadership Team: 


Brian Purdue, Corey Bern, RJ Baskett, Clay Rice


Kelley Bern, Jo Baker, Kari Meyers, Miranda Hernandez, Hayley Poland

If you have any questions please contact Brian Purdue at 419.779.7075 or

Weekly Meetings: 

Thursdays 7:00-8:30pm

Guys at 3022 Emmick Drive

Girls at 3146 West Lincolnshire Blvd.

Upcoming Events:

Scavenger Hunt- March 18th

**Students will need to fill out our Youth Ministry Activities Waiver once per school year to participate in all Washington Church Youth Activities.